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Vape batteries, and by extension vape battery chargers, form an essential part to any vaper’s accessories arsenal. It’s important then to know what to look for in a 18650, or a 20700 or a 21700 vape battery charger. The battery charger not only has to charge the batteries. It should also be easy-to-use, compatible with many battery types, and have safety features to keep things like overcharging or short circuits from happening. As vapes continue to evolve, their power sources are also changing.

Now vapes can take cells like the 26650, where before the did not. That is why it is crucial that the best vape battery chargers have many capabilities. They should be able to charge a variety of batteries, at the same time, fast, and most important, safely


Types of Battery Chargers

The vape battery chargers here, no matter if they are 18650 battery chargers, 20700 battery chargers or 21700 vape battery chargers, all have a lot in common. Only one is an exclusive 18650 battery charger, while the others can fit various sizes and types.

All chargers should at least have the following:

One main difference between all these chargers is the number of slots they have. They have single, dual, triple, quad and sextuple slots for charging many batteries at the same time. For someone who is a heavy vaper, and has a lot of different box mods, a charger with multiple bays would be the best choice.

The vape chargers with many slots can also take several battery types, which make them perfect for non-vaping uses as well. Also, even if they are 18650 battery chargers, they can become 20700, as well as 21700 or 26650 battery chargers whereas a moderate to beginner vaper would go with the smaller, more manageable and easier-to-use, dual or triple slot chargers.


How to Charge Vape Batteries

All the best 18650 battery chargers, as well as all the best 20700, 21700 and 26650 battery chargers, come with standard safety features. These features do not mean that users should ignore basic battery safety rules. Rules like:

  • Never use or charge batteries with torn, broken or ripped wraps
  • Never leave batteries in the charger after they have finished charging (over-charging protection will solve this problem, but it is best to remove full cells)
  • Make sure the charger is compatible with the chemical elements inside battery (e.g., lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, NiCad, NiChrome, etc.)
  • Never force an ill-fitting battery into a slot, make sure the cell fits comfortably

If you have replaceable cells for your mod, charge them in an external unit; do not charge them via the device’s USB port!


Which Charger Is Right For You?

The best 18650 or even best 26650 battery chargers might not be the “best” for everyone. Picking the best battery charger depends on how often and for what exactly you need batteries. A unit like the ESYB S6 that has six slots is perfect for people who need batteries all the time for whatever reason, vapes, flashlights, smoke detectors, personal electronics, etc..

While something like the Nitecore UM10 has only two battery bays, is smaller and therefore much more portable, while also having several non-charging features. The Nitecore UM10 can act as a data transfer point, as well as an external USB charger for other portable vape mods.

The Nitecore UM10 is suited more for people always on the go, and who need more than just a charger. With that said, people should pick the charger that best suits their needs. Whether it is for a triple-celled 18650 vape mod, or running a simple flashlight or having a portable back-up charger, these units can do it all.


Vape battery chargers have their place in the supply chain that supports the biggest and most potent vaping mods, namely 18650 box and mech mods. Without chargers, vaping wouldn’t exist, and choosing the best 18650 battery charger comes down to a few things.

Safety is first, so make sure they have several protections or even a heat-dissipating design that will prevent it from overheating. Then come the added features like LCD screens, intelligent, onboard microprocessors, as well as several ports to charge many batteries simultaneously.

With these characteristics checked off the list, the best 20700 battery charger or the best 21700 charger then comes down to personal preference.

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