plurHEMP started with a late night conversation between friends about the state of the hemp and CBD industry shortly after the news outlets got a hold of some sample of products that tested pretty short on CBD content. We knew that there were some phenomenal brands available, but we also knew that there was a handful of not-so-great ones. 

We set out to create an accessible and transparent brand that anyone could relate to. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Four simple concepts that we not only live by in our personal lives, but wanted to incorporate into our vision for CBD.

All of our packaging is tamper evident for your peace of mind, rest easy knowing that as long as your seal is in tact, your product is safe. We put as many products as possible into easily reusable or recyclable containers in an effort to reduce waste. All of our loose flower is hand packed with moisture control packs, because nobody likes crispy dry buds. Every pre-roll is hand finished with a cup end for easy lighting. We hand selected all of the terpenes in our tinctures to add to the natural entourage effect that happens when consuming cannabis, targeted specifically for a relaxed and uplifting effect to keep you level headed throughout the day.

Every product in the plurHEMP line is something that we use personally, and we wanted to create something that met a higher standard. All of the third party testing is available for the products we provide, and we strive to be as transparent as possible.